Introducing ECM Cloud Connect

We’re incredibly excited to introduce the first official solution that enables our Enterprise customers to connect their on-premise enterprise content management systems with Box. It’s called ECM Cloud Connect, and it lets you link the on-premise content solutions in your business to the Box cloud. For businesses with traditional content platforms, like SharePoint or Documentum, the ECM Cloud Connect solution makes it easy to synchronize or transfer data to and from Box. This means that your content systems will be instantly cloud-enabled, letting you collaborate through Box, access enterprise content from iPads and other mobile devices, as well as get to your content through any one of Box’s dozens of cloud partners, like Salesforce or NetSuite.

ECM Cloud Connect is intended to solve three main goals for customers:

Content Synchronization: Data automatically synchronizes between any ECM system (like SharePoint) and Box.
Content Archiving: Archive content automatically or on-demand from Box to your existing ECM solution.
Content Migration: Push content from your current ECM system to Box on-demand.

This project has been a goal of ours for some time, especially considering the quantity of data that exists in traditional storage and content management environments. The volume of information inside enterprises today – whether on desktops, in file servers, or within SharePoint – has produced tremendous data sprawl for enterprises. At Box, our goal is to connect seamlessly to these on-premise data sources, empowering you to use your business information in new ways. We already do this through desktop plug-ins, through our synchronization solutions, and now, through ECM Cloud Connect.

We’re excited about the significance this offers three diverse communities that we serve.

IT – Leverage current investments in SharePoint, Documentum, or other systems and extend content securely to the cloud.
Users – Interact with a powerful, user friendly front-end to access content from any device, and collaborate easily with external parties.
Partners – Amazing consulting and integration opportunities to bring a leading cloud solution into enterprises, securely.

Finally, we think this is exemplary of an important trend happening in the technology ecosystem. Hybrid infrastructures are emerging in organizations, letting the world’s largest enterprises adopt cloud solutions that work with their existing investments. Openness needs to be one of the core tenants of the next wave of enterprise software, and it’s not just about connecting to other cloud platforms, but also to the existing systems enterprises have in place. As a cloud provider, we want to be mindful of our customers’ legacy solutions and processes – and ensure that while the technology we build is always disruptive, the implementation of it never is.

Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO