Introducing the Hack Olympics! And the Gold Medal Goes to...

Fueled by Red Bulls, donuts, and unicorn tears, our fearless Box engineers pulled an all nighter to design and build the next game-changing features for our platform. The Box Hack Olympics kicked off yesterday at 8pm after a full workday, and continued until noon today, giving contestants a mere 16 sleep-deprived hours to tackle some ambitious projects.

Participants presented their creations at lunch today before a panel of discerning judges and the entire Box crew. The results were incredible. Without going into too much detail - we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, after all - we saw entirely new approaches to uploading files to Box, a killer embedding feature, some sexy additions to the updates tab, real-time editing and much, much more. Many of these features will make their way onto the Box platform in the near-future, so stay tuned.

Congrats to Florian Jourda, winner of the gold medal for his awesome project management features. In addition to the undying admiration of his colleagues, Florian also scored an iPad. Big props also to silver medal winner, Arsh Mand, and our bronze medal winning duo, Tomas Barreto and C.J. Windisch.

Post by Ashley Mayer, Communications Manager