It's Cold as Ice at Box HQ Today - and that's a Good Thing

We're very excited to announce that Box has been named one of the "Cool Vendors" in the Cool Vendors in Content Management 2011 report by Gartner, Inc. Obviously, it feels great to know we're helping companies move to the cloud as a part of their overall content management and secure collaboration strategy. What's even better is receiving validation from a third-party that we're making big strides in changing how businesses operate all across the globe.

So what exactly is a "Cool Vendor" anyway? Well, Gartner defines it as a company that offers technologies or solutions that have the three "I"s:

  • Innovative: enables users to do things they couldn't do before
  • Impactful: has a big impact on businesses (i.e.,not just technology for the sake of technology)
  • Intriguing: has caught Gartner's interest over the course of the past six months

In the report, Gartner highlights five cool vendors that are delivering value by improving the connections between people and information in the cloud. They note that Box in particular integrates with a variety of services and tools that tech-savvy users already use or can implement quickly, like LinkedIn, Google Docs, iPhones, iPads, and other traditional ECM systems, just to name a few. In the report, Gartner also has a few recommendations for IT teams that are planning to move their company's content to the cloud. Fox example, Gartner stresses that IT must ensure that it always complies with requirements around security, regulation and document control. In order to smoothly transition to the cloud, their advice is to take incremental steps rather than one huge leap with grand plans for multi-tenancy. We couldn't agree more.

Want to read the entire Gartner Cool Vendors report? Click here to get a copy.