Konnichiwa! Box Japan is Open for Business.

I'm incredibly excited to share that Box is officially open for business in Japan. Following strategic investments from Itochu Technology Ventures, Macnica, and Mitsui USA and MKI last December, today we announced the launch of our localized product before an audience of nearly 500 IT leaders and partners at Box World Tour Tokyo. We also unveiled integration partnerships with Konica Minolta, NTT Communications, and Cybozu to enhance the value of the Box platform for Japanese businesses.

The Japanese market is ripe for IT-driven business transformation. In only a few short days in Tokyo, I've met with dozens of forward-thinking organizations that are embracing cloud and mobile technologies. Companies like DeNA, famima.com, JGC, Mitsubishi Estate, Sanrio Entertainment (Hello Kitty!), and Waseda University have already adopted Box to make their organizations more productive, collaborative, and globally competitive. And with a growing Box team in Tokyo, led by Katsunori Furuichi (former president and CEO of VeriSign Japan), we're well positioned to help Japanese businesses of all sizes navigate the transition to the cloud.

The shift to a new way of working is a truly global phenomenon. Organizations of all sizes -- from small businesses to global enterprises like GE, Procter & Gamble, and Schneider Electric -- are embracing a more user-centric approach to IT, and adopting an all-new set of tools in the process. Japan is already ahead of the curve, and we're incredibly excited to have officially launched in this market. There's a lot of work ahead.

And personally, I'm happy to have more reasons to visit Tokyo. Domo arigato!