Liberate Your Inbox with Box For Outlook's New Features

Whether you're using an application on your desktop or in the cloud, we think Box should be just a few clicks away. That's why we created Box for Outlook, which makes it easy to bridge the gap between Box and your inbox.

We recently added some great features to this plugin that Outlook users will find invaluable, so check them out below to learn more:

  • Save existing attachments to Box: From an existing (or incoming) email in Outlook, click "Save attachments to Box" from the ribbon. From there, you'll be able to select a folder to upload your attachment(s) to and then Box for Outlook will give you a shared link.
  • Select multiple shared links from Box: From the new message window, if you use "Share from Box," you can now select multiple files by pressing the control key and selecting multiple files. They'll be sent as separate shared links in an email.
  • Share a folder from Box: Select a folder from the "Share from Box" window.

This update to Box for Outlook is available to all Business and Enterprise customers. To take your inbox to the cloud today, download the plugin from our desktop apps page.

Tags: apps, email, outlook