Listen to Your Documents with iSpeech

Many Box users already know that they can edit Word documents, tweak images or electronically sign PDFs within their browser using one of the many third-party services built into Box. These features are made possible through our OpenBox platform, which we blogged about last week.

I would like to highlight a new service we're adding to Box from a company called iSpeech, an innovative text-to-speech tool that can convert your text documents - in this case, the documents you have on Box - into audio files you can listen to on your computer, sync to your iPod/MP3 player or stream on your iPhone/iPod touch via the mobile application. Just like audiobooks and podcasts, it allows you to listen to and absorb written content within documents while you're busy with other tasks. For example, you may be traveling on business and have a long commute ahead, or you're stuck at an airport waiting for your delayed flight to take off. There's a project plan or some research papers your manager wanted you to take a look at while you're away. Using the new iSpeech service, you can take these documents and convert each of them into audio files you can listen to anytime.

To use this application, visit our OpenBox Directory and add the iSpeech service or visit our iSpeech service description page. Then simply go to the document you want to listen to, click on the file menu and select "Convert to Speech."

From here, iSpeech gives you a few options to choose from to create your audio file, including voice selection and a few initial setup steps to use the service. After a one-time registration with iSpeech, you can turn any of your documents on Box into audio files in just a few clicks.

Guess what? You just got more productive...

Post by Jeremy Glassenberg, Platform Manager

Tags: ispeech