Live from D10: Box and Gobbler

The Box Platform team has had a busy past few months. We launched Box OneCloud, our V2 API, and Instant Mode for simple account provisioning, rocked out at /bin NYC and even announced our first /bin investment with PlanGrid, an awesome young company and YCombinator alum with a great product that brings the cloud and collaboration to the construction industry. In many ways, bringing collaboration – on the Web and on post-PC devices – to all kinds of businesses and industries is our mission.

In that spirit, today at D10 another innovative company, Gobbler, provided a sneak preview of their new Box platform integration. Gobbler offers a purpose-built backup and storage solution for media creators. Basically, if you’re an artist, Gobbler helps you store and backup your most important assets – the art you create – in the cloud.

Collaboration is the lifeblood of a lot of creative efforts -- think songwriters, sound engineers, producers and session musicians, just to name a few. By integrating with the Box platform, Gobble
r is not only making it easy to upload, manage and store media, but also to open up a variety of ways to collaborate on that work with partners and contributors.

Chris Kantrowitz, Gobbler’s founder and CEO, demoed a sneak peak of the integration today on stage at D10, along with special guest John Legend. Stay tuned for the video of today’s announcement and conversation on the All Things D site. The Gobbler and Box solution will be available later this year.