Make Attachments Your Friend with Box and Openera

I’m not a fan of attachments – there’s really nothing worse than digging through message after message to find things people swear they sent to you. Even worse is when you need to find something on the go. Have you ever tried to find a spreadsheet on your iPhone? Good luck.

Luckily, Box and Openera make it easy to find your stuff from anywhere.

To set it up, all I had to do was connect my email account to Box, then create rules to automatically upload all incoming email attachments to a specified Box folder.

As always, these documents are searchable and easy to share. Since I started using it, Openera has rescued over 100 attachments that I had forgotten and sent them to Box.

To make things even cooler, all of the files are tagged and available in Openera as well, giving me another way to view and organize my content.

The best part of all of this is the price – free (like a free Box account) for 1 email account and 1 Box account. Your future self will thank you for spending the 2 minutes to set this up. Get the integration here and start using it today.