Making Work (and Box) More Fun: Introducing Box's New HQ

Just 5 years ago, our founders were working out of a small Berkeley apartment, determined to change how people share and access content online. Since then, the Box crew has grown immensely – we started 2010 with 70 Boxers, and now we're pushing 120! And although our rapid growth has been really exciting, one problem remained: where does everyone fit? Box's old office was practically bursting at the seams, and while we're a close-knit group, we all needed some extra room to breathe.

For the past few months, our awesome admin team worked their butts off to coordinate Box's move to a new office space in Palo Alto. After weeks of planning (and a weekend of heavy labor), the Box crew has officially moved in – and we're ecstatic. We have lots of room to move around, along with plenty of extra room for Boxers that join down the road. Our new space is equipped with two kitchens, tons of snacks and multiple stuffed animals (for naps, of course). We even have swings and a ping pong table.

One of the things we're most excited about is our new layout; we're all on the same floor, which means that sharing ideas with other Boxers will be easier than ever. The Box team is a talkative bunch, so having an open office space is pretty important for us.

We could barely contain our happiness during our first day in the office. Here are a few candid quotes from the mouths of Boxers themselves:

"The new HQ frickin' rocks!! I feel like I'm at grown up Disney Land"

"Diggin''s new HQ!!!! Swings, basketball, golf, glow-in-the-dark room and more...Wooooohooooo!!!"

"It's wicked cool"

"Settling into the new Box HQ and my coworkers are casually zooming past my desk on razor scooters. It's a good day =)"

We're really excited about the future of Box, and hope you are too. At Box, we're all about reinventing how people work by building software that's simple, powerful, flexible...and at times, even playful. We think our new HQ captures what we're all about.

Overall Stats:

Size of new location: 27,500 sq ft.

Number of fully stocked kitchens: 2

Types of snack food: too many to count

Meeting rooms: 18

Office swings: 4

Stuffed unicorns: 1

Happy Boxers:  120

Unicorns harmed: 0

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Post by Mark Saldaña, Community Manager

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