Making the Mobile Enterprise More Collaborative

Since the January launch of our new Box for iPhone and iPad apps, we've been working hard to bring you the next great batch of features. Today, we're excited to roll out version 3.1, adding collaboration capabilities to facilitate better mobile productivity.

Add and Manage Collaborators

Now you can easily add collaborators to any folder. When inviting collaborators, you can look them up from your device's contact list or corporate directory to auto-complete the field.

collab blog image

Best of all, you'll have access to the same robust collaborator permissions that are available in Box on the web, so you can define whether the collaborator can view, edit, download or upload to the folder. You can also change or revoke their access later by finding them in the View Collaborators menu.

These updates are a great way to make users more productive and collaborative at work, while also controlling and securing who can access sensitive data. And now you can do this all from your iPhone or iPad!

Continuous Improvements

We've also been working on smaller changes to improve your overall experience in the Box for iPhone and iPad app. After this update, if your app spontaneously closes - for instance, if your battery dies or you clear the active apps on your phone - we'll now bring you to the last place you were within the app when you re-open it.

We also continue to improve the content experience in our app. You can now preview new audio file types that iOS doesn't support natively, such as AMR and WMA, and we’ve added the ability view more types of videos offline. Finally, we have support for viewing additional types of universal text file formats.

We’re excited to get this release out to you. Download the app today, and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter: @BoxHQ.