New Access Controls and Media Playback on Box for Android

We’re always looking for ways to help Box users become more productive while on the go. That’s why we’re introducing a few new mobile features for our Android app today that let you view and share your content more easily. Let's take a look!

Shared link options

After introducing collaborator permissions in our last release, we’re now adding some options for shared link permissions as well. When you create a link to any file or folder, you can now also opt to limit access to that link to collaborators only (those that you’ve invited into the folder), people at your company only (anyone in your enterprise account), anyone with the link, or no one at all.

It’s also easy to revise settings on the go, meaning you’ll never have to worry about keeping confidential documents inside your company’s Box account or waiting to share a private workbook with a select few collaborators until you’re finish working on it. It’s all under your control from your mobile device.

Audio and video preview

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the file preview technology that we recently added to Box for Android, but something was still missing. That’s why we’re adding audio and video preview to the app today, making it even easier to sample rich media files on the go.

Since v2.0 of Box for Android, you’ve been able to see compressed versions of more than 75 kinds of documents right inside the Box app, helping you quickly review files like PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and Photoshop files. Now, we’re using that same server-side compression technology to let you progressively download and play audio and video files from your account. (Video preview is currently only available to enterprise users.)

This feature is particularly exciting because it came out of one of our storied hackathon sessions. We love seeing the cool stuff our engineers come up with!

Finally, we’d like to give a shout out to Łukasz Stefaniak and אלישיב סבח, who graciously provided Polish and Hebrew translation updates for this release. Thank you for making it easier to use Box around the world!

Check out today's update in action, and as always, please leave any feedback for us here or on Twitter @BoxHQ.