New Feature: Create PDFs of Box files with Drawloop

Box's built-in toolbox of OpenBox services just got a little bigger today. We're happy to highlight two new services from Drawloop, which let you convert files to PDF right inside Box. You can convert individual files to PDF one at a time or combine multiple files into a single PDF file. These services are:

Convert to PDF
As a free service, it's a quick and easy way to convert individual files, including Microsoft Office, image and other file types to PDF.

Combine to PDF
A more advanced service, "Combine to PDF" lets you select multiple files (even a combination of different file formats) and convert them all into a single PDF. If you're a sales rep, for example, and want to share a proposal that consists of a cover letter created in Word, a quote in Excel and a product data sheet in PDF, you can easily combine them into one easy-to-send PDF. This is available as a subscription service from Drawloop ($1 per user/month), which you can check out with their 30-day free trial.


Best of all, Drawloop's services support a broad range of file types:

- Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
- Microsoft Visio
- Microsoft Publisher
- Image files like JPG, GIF, PNG, bitmap
- Rich and plain text

Now you can easily convert all your files on Box into polished PDFs that you can share with anyone. As always, you can easily add these services and browse all our integrated third-party OpenBox services.

Post by Sean Lindo, Community Manager