New Feature: Full-Text Search for Box Business Customers

It's hard not to notice how much Box has changed in just the last few months. We launched a totally new interface, along with Profiles, Discussions, Bookmarks and Web Documents - and it's only March! While these features were designed to make Box a better tool for business collaboration, the latest feature is aimed at something more basic, but equally important to the Box experience - quickly finding the files you need from hundreds or even thousands of files in your Box account. To do that, we are testing full-text search capabilities with a select group of Box Business customers, which will be rolled out to all of our multi-seat business customers over the next few weeks.


Full-text search is far more powerful because it displays search results based on the actual text content within a file. Think about it - if you're looking for a file and you don't know what it was named, but you remember it contained the phrase "messaging for the Apollo campaign" somewhere in the document, you can find the file without guessing haplessly about what you might have named the file. Those days are over. Box searches through the text content of files in the most popular formats:

- Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
- PDFs
- TXT and CSV files
- Box Web Documents

One of our initial test customers is ICD Security Solutions, a security systems integrator based in Asia. They have hundreds of thousands of documents on Box, making them a perfect candidate to really test the performance of full-text search.

In addition, the new search capabilities can read through file descriptions added by users. No matter what you need to find or how many documents you have on Box, full-text search has you covered. And it's ready to use now - no software, no hardware, and no hassle.

Now you can spend more time using your files instead of searching for them. We look forward to your feedback.

Post by Sean Lindo, Community Manager