New feature: View Files with Google Docs Viewer

It's good to have options. It's no different when it comes to working with your files on Box, which is why we've added even more third-party services through our OpenBox platform. You might have noticed a few recent additions, including the ability to launch a web conference with Fuze Meeting and print and ship documents to FedEx, all within Box.

Google's been a big part of our family of OpenBox services - you can send file and folder links directly to Gmail or Google Apps Mail and view download stats on files with Google Analytics. We're happy to add Google Docs Viewer as the newest OpenBox service, which lets you view PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and TIFF images with Google Docs. We have been working with Google on this feature the last couple of months and are excited to finally bring it to you.


You can add the new Google Docs Viewer action from the OpenBox Services page. When you want to preview a PDF, PowerPoint or TIFF image, just click on the blue actions button where you can select "View with Google Docs."

Happy viewing!

Post by Sean Lindo, Community Manager