New Mobile Tools Bring Collaboration to Your Pocket

Not too long ago, we gave you a glimpse into the future. We shared our vision for a Cloud Content Management platform that reinvents how you can engage with your content. It's about making business content accessible where you need it most - and for many of you, that means everywhere. Today, we're bringing Cloud Content Management to mobile platforms, devices and apps everywhere. You could say that we're bringing business content and collaboration to your pocket.

Box iPhone app 2.0: Available now, our snazzy new iPhone app lets you post, view and reply to comments around any file or folder on Box , making it to exchange ideas and share feedback around all your content on-the-go. When you download the latest version - free on the iTunes App Store - prepare yourself for supersonic speeds (you know, relatively-speaking) and a more polished interface.

Quickoffice integration: We're very excited that Box will soon be integrated with an all-new version of Quickoffice for the iPhone, one of the most popular mobile office suites around. Their newest app, called Quickoffice Connect, lets you create and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files on-the-go and save them directly to your Box account, right inside Quickoffice. It will be available soon on the iTunes App Store, so you can all look forward to being more productive from just about anywhere.

New developer APIs: We're also releasing new APIs for OpenBox Mobile developers to integrate Box's search, commenting and update capabilities into their apps. Using these new APIs, developers can bring a broader, more integrated set of content management and collaboration capabilities to all their users. Best of all, developers can take advantage of OpenBox Mobile APIs for free when they sign up at

This is just the beginning. We're working on bringing even more features to our iPhone app, bringing Box to more devices and partnering with developers to bring Box to more of your favorite apps. Let us know what you'd like to see - leave a comment or tweet @boxdotnet.

Post by Ashley Mayer, Community Manager