Notable New OneCloud Apps, May 2013

We’ve added some great new apps to OneCloud in the last couple of months. Here’s the update on what we’ve got.

Archipad IconArchipad - Archipad is the new way to manage your on-site meetings, and the easiest way to write down observations, removing many fastidious steps in the process. Archipad allows you to easily create punch lists, and allows you to send a report, the punch list and drawings with item locations, directly from the construction site. The Archipad and Box integration allows you to seamlessly import files in Box into Archipad for review.


iZip Pro IconiZip Pro - This is a handy app for anything relating to zipping files. Compress files from photos to PPTs. iZip integrates with Box so that you can take files from Box and zip them or take files from your device hard drive, zip them, and send them to Box.


Mocking Pal IconMocking Pal - Create mockups and wireframes for your site or application from your Android device. Sharing from Mocking Pal is easy – the app is a great tool for simple wireframing on the go. You can share mockups as .png files through Box.


Moxtra IconMoxtra - Moxtra provides cloud-based project binders for managing, presenting, and sharing your projects from your iPhone and iPad. Especially useful - Moxtra allows you to have real time meetings on your mobile device using VOIP. This app is great for coordinating projects and files, taking notes and then presenting out to a greater team.


PocketBriefcasePocketbriefcase - Pocketbriefcase is a file management app that plugs into Box and other file management applications. If you are looking for one file management apps to connect with multiple clouds as well as your phone’s hard drive this is one of your options!


Syncpad iconSyncPad - SyncPad enables users to easily collaborate and share documents in real- time with others. Share ideas with individuals or groups seamlessly and present to someone sitting next to you or all the way across the globe!


Pocket Letter ProPocket Letter Pro - Pocket Letter Pro allows you to create professional looking Business and Personal letters and letterhead on the go. Now with Pocket Letter Pro and Box you can create, store and send letters from your iPad or iPhone. Pocket Letter Pro lets you create stunning eye-catching letters in a professional style that you can export to Box.


Pushdox_IconPushdox - Pushdox is an enterprise content delivery system for distribution to iPads and Windows devices. Through the Pushdox admin console an admin can organize content from various sources and deliver it directly to targeted users and their mobile devices. The Box integration allows documents stored in Box to be shared into Pushdox and securely out to specific users.


Skriv IconSkriv - Skriv is a simple and intuitive word processing app packed with plenty of great features to help get your writing done. With its built in web browser, you can instantly search the web for information regarding your assignment or note. When you are all done you can instantly share your document via Box.