Notable New Web Apps, July 2013

We’ve added some noteworthy web-based apps over the last couple of months. Here’s the update on what we’ve got.

Visual KPI IconVisual KPI: Visual KPI allows Box to host Excel spreadsheets in the the cloud as live data sources for its real-time mobile BI and alerting application. Box users can now easily combine on-prem data sources with cloud hosted spreadsheets & web services.


Jotform LogoJotform: Jotform is an easy to use web form builder that allows you to create forms using drag & drop. Submissions of JotForms can now be saved to Box, where they can be shared to and accessed by the people you choose. You can also take advantage of advanced features like collecting payments & getting your submission reports in Excel. All around, a great web-based form building app!


SalesRapp IconSalesRapp: SalesRapp is a multi-platform solution to give businesses full control over company data on mobile devices. Box + SalesRapp allows you to easily distribute files, documents, and presentations to your sales reps and account managers in the field.


Unifyo IconUnifyo: Unifyo is an outstanding browser plugin that automatically recognizes your contacts & customers that are found on websites or tools you visit. Unifyo gathers info about your contacts that is scattered across your company - from email inboxes, social networks, your CRM, and Box - and creates rich, unified profiles. These profiles are presented to you on any website you visit, which saves you time searching for the info you need about your contacts. With Unifyo's Box integration, you can see Box files right inside your inbox, support desk, CRM or any other website or tool.



Tags: apps, web