Online Document Editing with Live Documents

Suppose you have a document in the cloud and you want to make some changes to it - what do you do? If you're like many people, you download it, load it in Microsoft Office, make your changes, save it back to your hard drive, then upload it back to the cloud. That's quite a few steps, and if you've read this blog before, you know there's nothing that we love more than making things easier on our users.

That's why we're pleased to announce that Live Documents is now integrated with Box. Live Documents is a fully-featured online editor for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It allows you to do everything you can do with Microsoft Office without your documents ever leaving the cloud.

If you've ever tried to use an online document editor before, you've probably run into formatting problems. These can be mildly annoying or completely infuriating - a beautifully formatted resume, for example, often ends up as complete gibberish if you load it in anything besides Office. Live Documents solves this problem with non-lossy round tripping. No, that's not the newest drug craze sweeping across the nation - "non-lossy" means that none of your formatting data is lost. Thus, when you send a file from Box to Live Documents and back ("round tripping"), it will look just as good as it did before you started.

So next time you want to give that presentation a little polish or rewrite a report, give Live Documents a try.

Post by Alex Willen