Outlook Users, Say Goodbye to Email Attachments

Box for Outlook is one of our most popular add-on tools. Since its release in August 2011, our Business and Enterprise customers have been enjoying the many benefits of combining traditional email with the power of Box.  Today we have some exciting updates that will make even more Box users excited about email again.

Box for Outlook is now available for all accounts (including Personal users) so everyone can say goodbye to traditional email attachments.  Additionally, we’re also making the add-on available in over ten languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Chinese.

Need a brush-up on what Box for Outlook helps you do? For Windows-based Microsoft Outlook users, sending email attachments is a thing of the past. Check out the key ways you can take advantage of Box for Outlook to improve productivity when working in Outlook:

Add Box shared links to emails instead of attachments

If you want to share a file you already have on Box, inserting a Box shared link is now just as easy as attaching a local file.

Convert file attachments into Box shared links easily

For all those files you still receive as email attachments from others, it’s a breeze to automatically convert them into Box shared links before passing along to your team.

Reduce bandwidth headaches and security concerns

Box for Outlook also provides a number of benefits that you can’t get with Outlook alone or with traditional email attachments.

  • Sharing large files is no longer an issue since you can replace them with shared links to Box. Not only do you save email bandwidth and get your notes out faster, but you no longer need to worry about email bounces from recipients that may not be able to accept large files.
  • With Box for Outlook, you also have the ability to manage permissions and track who’s accessed a file on Box. By moving your attachments to the cloud, you inherit all of the great features you already have with Box.

The best part? All of this happens within the native Outlook experience, so you can work where you feel comfortable but still experience all the benefits of Box. With Box for Outlook, we think you’ll enjoy a powerful and flexible way to share files with others. Check out the add-on in action:

For full details, be sure to visit the Box for Outlook support page. Windows users, get started by downloading and installing Box for Outlook today, and let us know what you think!