Ready for Windows 8.1

At Box our mobile team gets pretty excited when any of the major operating system makers announces new functionality on their platform. And Windows is no exception. We’ve found a lot to like in Windows 8.1, which has just been made publicly available today.

While we are platform-agnostic by principle, we also take pride in building applications that take advantage of each platform’s unique capabilities. So as soon as we learned about Windows 8.1, we began asking our friends at Microsoft what engaging new tools this update would offer. Based on their guidance, we have leveraged the new features of Windows 8.1 to make our app stand out on day one. Let’s walk through some of what’s new.

Flexible Snap View Layouts: One of the best things on Windows 8.1 is the new customizable snap view layouts. As you are no longer limited to the 1/3 and 2/3 ratios, you can now have even 4 or 5 apps open side-by-side. In response to this, we have adjusted our app design so that it looks great in all of the new flexible sizes.

Better Search Control: Because Windows 8.1 now uses the Search charm for system-level searches, we have added a new a in-app search feature that will allow you to search for content specifically within Box.


File preview enhancements: Finally, we made major enhancements to our file preview page. The design of the page is more user-friendly and loading previews of files with many pages is much smoother—and done progressively.

New Large Tile Size: Windows 8.1 introduced a new larger tile size, and we want to take full advantage of it. If there are updates from specific files or folders that you don’t want to miss, definitely try pinning it in this new size.



Upgrade your PC to Windows 8.1 today if you haven’t already—it’s a free update!. Then head over to the Windows Store to get the updated Box for Windows app. Let us know what you think @BoxHQ or in the comments below!