Reimagining Box for Android

Our mobile team is always thinking about how to take our apps’ user experience to the next level. We want to make it as easy and secure as possible for our customers to not only consume content, but to also get real work done on any mobile device or platform. With over 4.4 million downloads of Box for Android, we think we’re on the right track.

We’ve already added some great features to the app so far this year, and now we are excited to announce that today we’re rolling out the latest version of Box for Android—which is all about making the app faster to use and more relevant to you. Let’s take a tour!

New navigation drawer

First, we’ve added Android's new Navigation Drawer, introduced recently at Google I/O. This will make navigating to areas of the app – like our updates feed – as simple as a swipe from the left.

Completely redesigned updates feed

Speaking of our updates feed, we have completely overhauled it in this latest release. We have added document previews to the updates feed and provided more control over what you see in your feed. You can choose to display your own recent activity or updates from the people you work with.

New resizable home screen widget

You can also view your updates feed through our new home screen widget, allowing you to keep tabs on your Box account activity even when the app isn't open. In this release, we have refreshed the look and feel of the widget and added the ability to resize it and scroll inside it.

grid view

New folder sorting and view options

To make it easier to sort through all your folders and to find that one file you're looking for, we've added the ability to sort any folder by file name, date modified, or file size. And if you have a lot of visual content in your account, we’ve added a grid view to allow you to can scan hundreds of thumbnails with ease. Great for collections of photos!

Real-time updates to offline files

Many business users love that Box for Android allows them to save files to their devices for offline use. For example, you can save a report to your tablet to read later on a plane, allowing you to be productive even without a network connection. With this release, we're taking this one step further by adding real-time notifications for updates to these files. Once you're back online with the app open, you’ll be notified of any changes made to your offline files and prompted to download the latest version. You’ll never be left with a stale file again!

Ability to switch between Box accounts

Many people who use Box at work also keep a second Box account for personal use. This is definitely true here at Box HQ, where 88% of us have more than one account! To make it easier for you to access all of your Box accounts, we’ve added multiple account switching in the Box for Android app. Now you can log into and jump back and forth between any number of accounts.

switch user

We are also adding Finnish language support—which means Box for Android is now available in 23 languages!

We’re going to keep refining the user experience across all the leading mobile platforms and one person that’s going to help us with this effort is David Still, Box’s new VP of Mobile. If you want to get to know a bit more about him check out our Q&A.

Phew! That was a lot of updates and we’re not slowing down. You can expect to see a lot more mobile innovation from us at our annual user conference, BoxWorks, this September. As always, we love to hear what you think - so feel free to send feedback about this update to @BoxHQ or comment on this post. Enjoy Box for Android v2.2!