Secure Mobile Productivity in a BYOD World: Box for Good Technology

A CEO takes her family on a much-needed vacation, and brings along her smartphone to access the occasional file and check email from the road. At the end of the week, as they wait to board their return flight, her five-year-old son grabs hold of her smartphone to play a game. After 5 incorrect attempts to enter the passcode, he unintentionally triggers the phone’s corporate-installed remote wipe function, wiping away all of the phone’s apps and data - including their vacation photos and videos, in an instant.

The concept of employees using their personal mobile phones and tablets for work has gained a lot of attention lately, as more and more businesses adopt a ‘BYOD’ (Bring Your Own Device) mobile strategy. The story above is an example of why mobile security at the device-level is no longer enough in a BYOD environment. With personal apps and data now sitting alongside corporate apps and data, security needs to exist at the application-level. Even further, corporate apps should be able to exchange data back and forth in a secure environment that is separate from the personal one, in order for employees to truly be productive from mobile devices.

Today, Box is releasing a new version of Box for Good Technology, a special version of our iOS app built on Good Technology’s Good Dynamics platform. Box for Good Technology includes all of the collaboration and content sharing features that you love about Box, and now allows you to securely open content from Box in Good for Enterprise, or any other Good Dynamics app. Users can create seamless multi-app workflows to increase productivity, without compromising security.

New features available in Box for Good Technology include the ability to:

  • Open Box content in Good for Enterprise
  • Open Box content in any other Good Dynamics app
  • Log in to and configure the Box app through other Good for Enterprise or Good Dynamics apps with Good Dynamics’ new authentication delegation technology

Best of all, Box for Good Technology is wrapped with Good Dynamics’ secure app “container,” giving IT admins the ability to remote wipe and set policies around the app itself, without affecting the rest of the device.

Check out the new version of Box for Good Technology, available today in the App Store, and let us know what you think!

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