Securing the Content Lifecycle

At Box, we understand that your content – your product requirements, financial analysis, customer communications and long-term plans – is the central currency of your business. We’ve also seen a shift in how our customers are thinking about security. As a result, we’re building a new security model built for collaboration, focused on monitoring, integrated identity management and granular controls at every stage of the content lifecycle.

This is not a new challenge for us; we’ve been focused on meeting the security and visibility needs of large businesses for more than six years. To meet these new requirements for secure collaboration, we think about five distinct aspects of security, and implement them at every level of our platform. Our model puts content at the center of everything we do, surrounding it with the strongest possible solutions for User and identity management, Device and App security, and the visibility and Intelligence to oversee it all.

Today, we’re rolling out a set of new enterprise-grade security features and product integrations to help our customers protect their vital content.

User Security Options

We’ve introduced a new control that lets admins restrict individual users from creating externally shared folders. This gives IT powerful, granular control over what content can and can’t be shared outside the organization. This new feature is available now to all enterprises. Check it out, and get more information here.

Device Security Enhancements

Next, we have three big enhancements for device security. First up is device pinning, available across Box Sync and our leading mobile apps - iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. Device pinning gives admins the power to limit which specific devices users can access Box from, ensuring trusted access to content on IT-approved devices. The functionality will roll out to all enterprises in the next few weeks.

Second, we’re thrilled to be one of the first business applications integrated with Samsung KNOX, Samsung’s new mobile security offering. Next quarter, this new integration will provide enhanced security at all levels of the Android platform with simple and flexible device management that helps users easily separate their work and personal lives on their mobile device.

Finally, we’re adding a new login security feature that automatically detects and prevents unexpected user logins. It will be added automatically to every Box account in the next quarter.

Content at the Center

In line with keeping content at the center of our security approach, Box is announcing new DLP partnerships with Code Green Networks and CipherCloud. These new integrations let admins easily scan and identify restricted content and secure that information in Box’s shared folders. 

Content Intelligence and Reporting

Box is giving businesses up-to-the minute security monitoring and alerts through a new integration with GoodData.

With GoodData, users can get out-of-the-box analytics on content in Box. GoodData delivers best practices, KPIs and dashboards for content management, helping Box customers measure critical content metrics, including top performing content, security risks and engagement. And, if unusual shifts in usage, spikes in traffic on Box or abnormal behavior occurs, admins can get alerts in real time and take appropriate action.

So what does all of this news mean for you, and our millions of users? At Box, we’re driving the new definition of security for the enterprise cloud stack. We’re excited about the potential to bring cloud services closer to the enterprise and giving our customers the unmatched level of security, visibility and control they need to embrace the cloud.

If you want to dig in deeper, check out our Box Security Toolkit, and stay tuned for even more business management and security features from us soon.