Send Calls to the Cloud with CallTrunk

You already know you can store all of your files in Box, from photos to Word documents to PDFs. One thing you probably haven't considered uploading to your Box account, though, is your phone calls. With CallTrunk, that's not only possible, it's easy.

CallTrunk is an app that lets you record the calls you make and upload them straight to your Box account. From sales negotiations to product design discussions, some of our most important information is conveyed over the phone. Writing things down can make it tough to focus on the conversation at hand, and notes can leave out important information and context. Recording your calls solves both of these problems, and storing them on Box means they're always accessible and easy to share. Best of all, there are CallTrunk apps for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, along with a robust mobile web app.

CallTrunk on its own is enormously beneficial. Add that to the collaborative functionality of Box, and now you have a platform that not only keeps information centralized, but also makes it easy to share that content with others. You can store calls along with relevant notes, research and documents, then invite collaborators to leave comments and make edits. Check out the integration now.

Like many of our platform partners, CallTrunk's integration with Box helps you get more out of your Box account. If you're just using Box to store documents, head over to our Apps tab and see what else you can do.