Send Handwritten Forms to the Cloud with Captricity and Box

Like it or not, working with hard copies – like receipts, expense reports and invoices – is still something many of us have to deal with pretty frequently. If you're used to working in the cloud like we are, you know having your data on paper makes sharing, analyzing and storing your important content difficult. Things get even more complicated when your data is handwritten, since the only way to get that content into a digital form is by typing it in manually, one line at at a time. And who has the time and patience for that? No one, that's who.

Thankfully, one of our latest apps, Captricity, lets you get your handwritten forms into the cloud without the hassle. It goes above and beyond scanning by turning content into readable data you can sort, share and manipulate in excel. Getting handwritten data into the digital world has been a longstanding problem, and we think Captricity is solving it in a pretty elegant way. This tech is super useful for organizations that do a lot of field work and surveys, so if you're in marketing, education or pharmaceuticals, Captricity will definitely be one of your must-have apps.

Your first 25 pages are completely free, so add the app to your account and let us know what you think.