Siasto and Box Team Up to Make Project Management a Breeze

When it comes to project management, finding and using an app that helps you manage projects feels, well, sort of like a project in and of itself. All jokes aside, many solutions are nothing more than glorified task lists, and others just aren’t collaborative enough. And most don’t let you tie your projects to the information and files you care about the most. Luckily, our friends at Siasto just built an integration that works seamlessly with Box.

Siasto is a popular web-based collaboration and project management app that’s used by teams and businesses to keep their tasks, events, projects and files in the same place. To get started, create a project that you populate with tasks, then invite users and upload documents. It all feels very natural thanks to the beautiful, intuitive UI.

Your collaborators and projects are laid out front and center on the homepage as tiles, and once you drill down into each project, items like tasks, documents and events are just one click away. Since you can tie the service back to Box, you can rest easy knowing your documents are always shareable and secure.

Get Siasto today and let us know what you think in the comments below or @BoxHQ.