Social Media Insights: How Many Computers Do Boxers Use?

Based on my interactions with the Box community on Twitter, Facebook and in our forum, I think it's safe to say that we have a pretty tech-savvy user base. Our customers are always excited about the latest and greatest technology, whether it's a new tablet, HTML5 or the latest awesome app. Last week, I decided to conduct an informal poll through our social networks to find out how many devices our community members use. Since I wanted to count smartphones and tablets as computers too, I asked, "How many computers and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) do you use?" More than 150 Boxers answered, and here are the results:

I was actually a little surprised by how many  different devices Boxers use. Personally, I have 4: an iPad 2, an Android phone, a work laptop and  a personal laptop. I figured that having that many devices was an anomaly, but this poll made it clear that I'm actually in the majority. Though most are well aware of that fact that hardly anyone owns just one computer, this informal poll makes it clear that our customers depend on lots of different devices. What devices do you use on a daily basis? What are they and how do you use them? Let us know below in the comments!