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20 Aug 2013 · by Shiv Mahajan
Bill Scott (Sr. Director of UI Engineering at PayPal) recently gave a tech talk at Box HQ about Lean UX engineering (using examples of Dust and NodeJS) and its impact at PayPal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UCythUA2dk NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the second half of the talk was not...
16 Jul 2013 · by Rob Radez
Recently, Box Staff Software Engineer Nicholas Zakas gave a talk at Velocity and to the SF and Silicon Valley Web Performance Group about slimming down the JavaScript used on sites and letting each tier of an application handle what it does best. We just posted the video of him talking to the Web...
27 Jun 2013 · by Shiv Mahajan
Recording from our mobile panel discussion titled "The Other Side of the Mobile App Economy" with Jeff Seibert (Crashlytics), Ilya Sukhar (Parse) and Brett Van Zuiden (Ink Mobility) on Wednesday, June 26th 2013.  
06 Jun 2013 · by Shiv Mahajan
Recording of Derek Collison's (Founder and CEO, Apcera) talk titled "The Coming of the Modern Enterprise IT Platform" on Wednesday, May 22nd 2013.  
26 Apr 2013 · by Shiv Mahajan
Recording of Steve Souders's (Head Performance Engineer, Google) talk titled "Dive Into Mobile Performance" on Wednesday, April 24th 2013. The slides for his presentation can be found here.
19 Mar 2013 · by Shiv Mahajan
Recording of Zane Lackey's (Engineering Security Manager, Etsy) tech talk titled "Effective Approaches to Web Application Security" on Wednesday, March 13th 2013. The slides for his presentation can be found here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35XxulwINTw
28 Feb 2013 · by Shiv Mahajan
Recording of Liron Shapira's (CTO and co-founder, Quixey) talk titled "The Functional Web - The Future of Apps and the Web" on Wednesday, February 27th 2013.  
31 Jan 2013 · by Shiv Mahajan
Recording of Braden Kowitz's (Design Partner, Google Ventures) tech talk titled "An Engineer's Pragmatic Guide to Design" on Wednesday, January 30th 2013.
18 Jan 2013 · by Shiv Mahajan
Recording of Miško Hevery's (Agile Coach, Google) talk titled "Psychology of Testing" on Wednesday, January 16th 2013. Slides can be found here.
26 Nov 2012 · by Shiv Mahajan
Recording of Steve Newman's (co-founder of Writely, better known as Google Docs) talk titled "Famous Outages and How to Not Have Them" on Wednesday, November 15th 2012.  
08 Jul 2012 · by Alex Willen
Video conferencing has been done and redone, for consumers, businesses, and everyone in between. That makes sense, of course, given that we're all more mobile than ever before, and we have both the desire to stay connected and the technology to make that possible. With so many options available, it...
14 Mar 2012 · by Indy Sen
If you work on projects that require regularly sharing video files between parties, you know the process of uploading can take longer than you'd like. Sure, you could go back and try to sneak in beating that elusive Angry Birds level while your files upload, or even go get another cup of coffee,...
23 Jan 2012
A couple weeks ago, we were honored to learn that Box is a finalist for the 2011 Crunchies in the "Best Cloud Service" category. We need your vote to win, and thought a fun video would help us spread the word to Box fans. Check it out below to learn what your child's future might be like without...
13 Dec 2011 · by Sarah Lovelace
When people ask me what I like most about working at Box, my answer is always the same: Working at Box is fun. We're very proud of what we've created here, especially since the lively atmosphere at Box HQ is one of the many reasons the most talented people in Silicon Valley choose to call Box home...
12 Sep 2011
Many of us have dealt with a classic – and worrisome– problem in the workplace: content sprawl. Whether it's because we're storing documents on different hard drives, different systems or different devices, isolated content can be the bane of collaboration in any company. Luckily, moving to the...
29 Aug 2011 · by Brandon Savage
One of my favorite things about Box is being able to preview my content right in my browser – it saves me a ton of time when I’m looking for the right file, or even when I want to look at a presentation without downloading anything. You can already preview more than 35 different file types on Box,...
12 Jun 2011
Our regular series of developer meetups continued this past week, with more enthusiastic techies heading to Box HQ to learn about all things cloud. Last Thursday, we welcomed another impressive speaker to present in the ever-popular Box lunchroom. CTO and Co-founder of Gluster, Anand Babu...