Take the Hassle out of Expense Reports with ProOnGo and Box

I'm finishing up my final expense report of 2012, and, as you can imagine, putting together all my receipts and documents from the last year isn't exactly fun. The platform team was fortunate enough to take a couple of big trips this year to New York and London, and the expense reporting required after is a painful necessity.

Thankfully, we're announcing a new integration today that should make things a whole lot easier! Box now integrates with ProOnGo, a complete cloud-based expense tracking product for businesses. ProOnGo provides mobile and flexible expense reporting to help you save time by avoiding the hassle of fiddling with receipts, tracking down employees for expenses or manually entering information.

With ProOnGo, employees can record their receipts, mileage and time expenses from a computer or mobile device. They can even take pictures of receipts, which are instantly backed-up on ProOnGo servers, then label their expenses with the category, customer and any other required information. Managers can then view these expenses, make any necessary changes, approve/deny the expense or even create an expense report. You can even sync your expense data to QuickBooks or Xero – pretty cool!

ProOnGo can accommodate any Excel-based expense template, and with our new integration, you can export any report in ProOnGo straight into your Box account.

Give it a try today and let us know what you think.