Tame the BYOD Beast with Box

At Box, we’ve noticed a tremendous increase over the past year in IT willing to embrace a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy with respect to devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android tablets. So too, it seems, have other tech companies.

In late May, Apple released a document titled "iOS Security." Its audience: IT. Many big companies are well aware the shift of smartphones from simple consumer devices to legitimate business tools, and are rightly concerned about how it might affect their business.

Whether or not IT can and must secure devices isn't a question any longer – it's a necessity. Employers can’t keep new technology out of offices, out of workers’ bags and pockets, and they certainly can't hope to keep them free of work-related content and data. And from an employee happiness and productivity standpoint, they shouldn't want to.

So how does IT secure the content on mobile devices? I’m here to teach you how to easily secure any content on any device with Box through our brand new Mobile Security Settings, our partnerships with leading MDM solutions, and through the Box OneCloud ecosystem.

Box mobile security settings

Two weeks ago, Box released updated mobile settings that allow Admins to easily control their users’ ability to save files for offline use and adhere to passcode guidelines. Now, rather than outlawing personal devices or policing employees, IT can use tools right in Box to get mobile devices to meet internal standards.

Box Enterprise admins can now enforce the use of passcode locks and restrict the ability to save files on the device for all their mobile users – helping alleviate common data loss concerns.

Partnerships with leading mobile device management solutions

If you’re looking to secure whole devices or multiple mobile apps, Box has partnered with leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. Companies like Good Technology and MobileIron specialize in providing IT with granular permissions and increased visibility into how employees use their personal devices for work. Box’s partnerships with these companies make it easy for you to create a secure environment to access and share content from mobile devices in a BYOD setting. Check out our MDM white paper for more information on these integrations.

Keep your content in one place with Box OneCloud

If you have all your work documents in Box (and you should), the next step is to access content and collaborate in the easiest, most seamless way possible. Enter Box OneCloud. This app ecosystem connects your Box documents to a host of trusted third-party applications, allowing you to annotate, edit, sign, review, share and complete your work on the fly.

Box OneCloud is available on both Android and iOS, and we already have more than 50 integrated apps, with plenty more on the way. If you’re an enterprise admin, you can even buy partner apps in bulk using Apple's Volume Purchasing Program or the new Apple Configurator, making it a snap to ensure everyone has access to the same tools.

And, with /bin (Box Innovation Network), we're taking it a step further by both making investments in companies that make it easy for Box users to work from anywhere, on any device. Our first such investment, announced in May, was in PlanGrid. There are plenty more on the way, so keep an eye out.

The bottom line

Make no mistake: The mobile workspace is here. Over the next few years, you can expect to see even more businesses embrace an open, BYOD environment. We’re excited to help companies make the transition easily and securely.

Special thanks to Brett Bernstein for co-authoring this post.