TechCrunch Guest Post: Welcome to the Cloud, Microsoft

Microsoft's upcoming launch of Office 2010 on Wednesday has already sparked a pretty interesting conversation about the future of business software. Yes, Steve Ballmer has claimed that the company is "all in" when it comes to the cloud, but it remains to be seen whether Microsoft's web-based products will tell a compelling story in the coming weeks and months. I recently shared a few thoughts in a TechCrunch post - Welcome to the Cloud, Microsoft - addressing some of the challenges Microsoft will face as it embraces a new paradigm for software. And I also offer a few suggestions, because a more innovative, open Microsoft = better interoperability between business applications, which benefits both technology vendors and customers.

Of course, we're also keeping an eye on the latest version of SharePoint 2010. Microsoft has no doubt listened to user requests and complaints, and this next version will come with a bunch of new social features. But will they be meaningful, or will users have to contend with a more confusing, cluttered platform? At Box, we're committed to making it easy to access, collaborate and share all your content from anywhere. Will SharePoint 2010 address key issues, like being able to share content quickly and easily with partners and vendors outside your business? We will soon see.

I'd love to hear any feedback on the TechCrunch post, as well as your thoughts on what's in store for SharePoint, here or @levie.

Post by Aaron Levie, Co-founder and CEO