The Box Platform, OneCloud and You

Here at Box, we care a lot about building the products that allow us to work with as many cool companies and technologies as possible. That way, if you work at a Fortune 500 where Box needs to tie into other mission critical systems, we’ve got you covered. Or if you’re an individual user who’s trying to get work done with files stored in Box on your iPad, there’s an app—actually about 50 Box OneCloud apps—for that.

All of this falls into an area that we call Box Platform. The Box Platform is a set of technologies that allow us to create secure integrations between your Box content and a broad, quickly growing list of third party products and technologies. We think this is critically important for you and for us; because whether you’re an individual user or a large enterprise customer, every product and new technology that works with Box adds real value to your investment.

And that’s why we're excited to share with you some major platform updates today.

Box Platform: Major Enhancements

Today we’re proud to announce a new generation of Box Platform products. First, we’ve released an entirely new version of our application programming interface (API). The new API makes it even easier for partners and developers to build products and services that integrate with Box. Check out our developer blog for more details on the new API and links to documentation.

Second, we have created a seamless way for developers to instantly create Box accounts that are connected to their apps. We call it Instant Mode. Instant Mode makes it far easier for Box customers and partners to instantly deploy Box for cloud content and collaboration as part of the services they offer to their users.

Third, we have launched a new version of the Box OneCloud App to App Framework, a set of tools that makes it much easier for mobile app developers to tie their app into Box OneCloud. This new framework will help us to add new OneCloud apps more quickly.

Want to learn more about our approach to building these platform products? Here's an overview from the team:

New Box OneCloud Apps

When we launched Box OneCloud in March, many of our customers asked us when we were going to add more apps. Today, we’re announcing 15 new Box OneCloud apps, including a tool that brings Microsoft Office to your iPad (CloudOn), a print-from-any-device-to-any-printer solution (Breezy), one of the world’s most popular PDF annotation products (iAnnotate) and an innovative sales catalog and order fulfillment app (Handshake).

You can find all of these new apps today in the Box OneCloud gallery in Box for iPhone and iPad.

Box Platform Partnerships: General Assembly and TechStars

As you can see, here at Box, we want to build the world’s best cloud content and collaboration platform. While the technology is important, identifying and working with the right partners is just as important. That’s why we’re constantly reaching out to companies and people with whom we want to work. And it’s also why when partners reach out to us, we’re happy to connect with them over email, on the phone or even face to face.

Today, many entrepreneurs are starting their companies in shared physical workspaces and getting seed funding and mentoring from tech incubators. As part of our platform efforts at Box, we’re partnering with two such organizations in New York City, General Assembly and TechStars. Box will be working with each organization to provide mentorship and assistance to early stage tech companies in New York.

Why New York? As a Silicon Valley-based company, we have lots of great relationships in our neck of the woods, but we’re expanding into new communities. New York represents a great opportunity to join a new community of technologists, startups and enterprise customers. We’re excited to be part of it.

Summing it Up

As a Box customer and user, you’ve got content in our cloud. And you need to be productive with that content. At Box, we’re building the best products we can to meet your needs, but we’ll never build all of the products you need to be successful.

That’s where the Box Platform fits in. We build the glue that ties Box to your favorite third party products and technologies. We reach out and talk to as many partners as possible. Together, we deliver solutions that we hope will make you a happy Box customer for a long, long time.