The Cloud Is Movin’ On Up! – Our Highlights From Q3

In the last 3 months, the Box team has been working hard to bring you, our customers, the best service for content management and collaboration. What exactly have we been up to? Here are some of the things we're most proud of:

We brought on lots of new talent

To build a great product, you need to have a great team. A few months ago, Dan Levin (an ex-Intuit exec and Silicon Valley maven) joined as our COO and BIC (beard in chief - unofficially). He'll be helping us scale the company and will provide guidance for all of the operational aspects of Box. This is in addition to all of the great new hires who came from companies like Oracle, Google and Yahoo to join the already awesome Box team.

We made Box more mobile than ever

We've been really pumped this quarter about getting Box onto all of the devices that you use when you're on the go. With our iPad, iPhone and Android apps out on the market, we're excited to hear about how you're using them and what other features you'd like to see. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog in the coming months - we have some more hot mobile announcements on the horizon that will make a lot of people very happy. ;)

We have lots of great new customers

This quarter, we had companies like ABC News, IDG, Skype, Yammer and Pandora join the ranks of Box customers moving their content and collaboration into the cloud. We're excited to hear their stories and feedback as they implement Box, and of course want to hear any ideas or questions from our existing users. Overall, we had a 500% (crazy) increase in enterprise deals compared to this time period in 2009. Thank you, we couldn't have done it without all of our remarkable customers.

Boxers have been more energetic than ever

On a lighter note, everyone here has been more athletic than ever this quarter. Just to name a few things, we had a group dodgeball outing along with a 100 meter sprint in front of our office - the finish couldn't have been closer (or more dramatic).

One of our Boxers (Sarah Lovelace, world champion) even demonstrated her amazing baton skills at lunch; who knew that twirling a baton was so intense? Color us impressed - and a little scared too, she can kick like a ninja. Why the sudden outburst of athleticism at Box HQ? Clearly, it's all part of our training regimen for the inevitable Box vs. SharePoint dance-off.

For full details on our rockin' Q3, check out the press release.

Thanks to all of our customers for making this quarter great!

Post by Mark Saldaña, Community Manager