The Post-PC Enterprise: It Takes An Ecosystem

One of the most remarkable trends in the enterprise today is the shift toward a borderless, post-perimeter IT model. Just 5 or 10 years ago, an organization delivered IT by building out infrastructure, creating local and wide area networks, and delivering software that was updated every few years. Productivity happened within the constraints of an office building, where work was done from a desktop computer. This model has now been turned on its head.

Steve Jobs got it right when he said we're moving toward the Post-PC era, but I doubt even he could have imagined how much the world would be transformed by the mobile device revolution that Apple ignited. Every enterprise has been forced (in many cases, happily) to evolve its IT strategy to address the increasingly borderless nature of its business. GE alone has over 80,000 iPads and iPhones in its workplace, and mobile is enabling a new way of thinking about IT, from CIO Jamie Miller on down. "We’ve been very deliberate around becoming an employee-focused company," said Miler. "Cloud and mobile devices mean that choice, access, and work all have to change."

At Box, our job is to build a platform and set of capabilities to ensure that content can be accessed securely from any device, and shared with the right people from anywhere. And we do this with a set of partners that bring security and management to a borderless, mobile world.

For years, we've worked closely with the Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) community to ensure that customers can use Box at scale within their organizations. One of our longtime strategic EMM partners is MobileIron. Our Box for ME (MobileIron Enabled) integration is designed to give customers a secure way to access, share, and collaborate on content from any iOS or Android device. Together with MobileIron, we’ve seen a phenomenal response from the market, with some of the largest and most security conscious companies in the world leveraging MobileIron AppConnect to enable Box as their standard file sharing and collaboration solution. We look forward to continuing to deliver and innovate on our shared offering with MobileIron going forward.

We're also expanding our collaboration with the EMM community. Yesterday, we announced that Box and VMware are working together to help deliver secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration to AirWatch customers. With VMware, we're introducing a complementary model that will enable customers to ensure that access to Box mobile is restricted to AirWatch managed devices.

Both of these approaches, including our integrations with Good Technology and other EMM partners, will help push the mobile enterprise forward for businesses everywhere. No industry is exempt from the Post-PC transition: doctors need to access medical images, utility workers are pulling up utility grid information, retail associates are viewing an up-to-the-minute product catalog, and movie directors are watching the day's footage — all from mobile devices. While some companies are saving millions of dollars by bringing products to market more quickly, others are saving more lives.

In every imaginable way, these technologies are changing the world around us, and we're excited to work with a strong mobile ecosystem to help businesses get to the future, faster.