The SF Giants: World Champions and Proud Box Customers

The past few weeks have been incredibly exciting for Bay Area baseball fans. We watched our San Francisco Giants make their way through the playoffs, then sweep the competition in a World Series that we won't soon forget. It's not a stretch to say that pretty much everyone at BoxHQ was caught up in Giants fever, with many of my teammates staying late to watch the games on our big screen TVs. Check out footage from Box HQ below:

Off the field, the Giants use Box to share critical content and collaborate more quickly than ever. Paul Hodges, Executive Producer for the San Francisco Giants, states, "Our brand has benefited with Box because distributing our message has gotten a lot easier. We can allow our local media, bloggers, and international media to use this content we're providing. The best people to tell our story is us, so Box has allowed us to get that story out there." Their ability to collaborate – both on and off the field– has turned them into a team that can do more, faster.

Being World Champions is no small feat, so major congratulations to the team for everything they've accomplished. We can't wait to see them continue their winning streak far into the future. Go Giants!