Box Launches "Follow Me Home" Program

We're always looking for your feedback on Box - what's working, as well as what could be improved. And while your emails, phone calls, blog comments and tweets are all essential to shaping our product, it's also helpful to observe Box being used in its natural habitat - your work environment.

We've launched the "Follow Me Home" program to get a first-hand, unfiltered look at how our customers are using Box. For our first visit, Paul Rosenfeld, CEO and co-founder of Fanminder, graciously permitted us to shadow him at his Mountain View office. Fanminder provides small businesses with a mobile marketing application that makes it easy to send text messages to their customers, and the company uses Box to manage and collaborate on documents across its virtual workforce of employees and resellers.

The visit was a huge success. My colleague Kimber and I were able to observe Paul's day-to-day usage of Box, both as a standalone platform and in conjunction with a range of other services. We got a sense of what features he uses and loves, as well as what capabilities would be helpful additions to the platform (such as the ability to scan documents straight to Box).

Many thanks to Paul for inviting us into his office and helping us get a better sense of how he uses Box. We've intentionally designed Box as a flexible platform to suit your specific sharing and work flow needs, which means there are a multitude of use cases we'd like to explore further.

We're excited to continue our "Follow Me Home" visits, and are looking for our next round of volunteers. If you're a Box user in the San Francisco Bay Area, please let us know if you'd be willing to have a few members of our team observe how you're using Box. We're starting locally, but eventually we hope to scale this program beyond the Bay Area.

Please comment here or email me at if you're interested in participating.

Post by David Lee, Director of Product Management