Up, Up and Away - New Upload Enhancements to Help You Collaborate Faster

Our engineers are pretty obsessive about file uploads. Right after we brought you drag and drop uploading with HTML5, we went back to work looking for ways to make uploading files to Box even better and easier. With our most recent update, we've removed several steps in our online upload process to help you get files and folders into your Box account quicker than ever. In just a matter of seconds, your files will be sent to the cloud - ready for you to share and collaborate!

In-line upload progress:

Do you need to upload multiple files at once? We believe that you shouldn't have to wait for all your files to upload before you can get to work. Now when you use our standard upload tool, as soon as a file upload is complete you can leave a comment, assign a task, share a link, change the name, add a tag - anything! - while the remaining uploads continue in the background. You can even start more uploads in other folders if you feel especially productive. All uploaded files are shown at the top of the page, so you can find them quickly and take action right away.

Say goodbye to plugins:

Using the latest HTML5 standards implemented by Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, we've built an upload method that no longer requires Flash. The new upload method is more robust because it can run on these browsers without requiring 3rd party plugins, which require frequent updates to perform optimally - and you know we're not fans of tedious software updates. With HTML5, you can now natively select more than one file at a time and keep track of upload progress in your browser.

Bulk uploading:

A lot of you already use our drag-and-drop Java applet to upload entire folders and directories into Box. Now the applet is even easier to access. If you want to upload several files in the same folder, continue clicking on the "Upload" button like you've always done, but on those occasions where you have a folder - or several folders - to upload, use the arrow next to "Upload" and select "Bulk Upload" to launch the Java tool. All of your folders and sub-folders will be preserved upon upload, so you'll be busy working rather than busy organizing.

Upload from the action menu:

To save you time, we've made it so that you don't need to navigate into a folder in order to upload files there. Just click on the action menu for any folder (or right-click), and mouse over "Upload to this folder" to see all the uploading options available to you.

Boxers are crazy about giving you lots of options for getting your files into Box. These updates are in addition to all the methods we already have in place: email uploads, mobile uploads, drag and drop - the list goes on and on. Check back soon for more; our engineers are already hard at work on the next big thing.

Post by Brandon Savage - Sr. Product Manager

Tags: html5, uploads