Use Box to Consolidate Disparate Content Management Systems

Due to the limitations of traditional content management systems, many businesses resort to supplementing said solutions with additional tools to share files and collaborate. Besides simply creating extra work for IT, juggling multiple solutions has some big disadvantages:

  • Security: Often, end users resort to using consumer-lever tools when trying overcome the limitations of traditional systems, and these consumer solutions lack the enterprise-grade features like encryption and administrative auditing.
  • End User Adoption: More logins means more confusion for end users. And if employees can't figure out how to access something, they simply wont use it.
  • Loss of Content: Not having your information in one place makes it less accessible and consequently, less valuable. Even worse, employees may lose track of where the most recent version of a document is stored, resulting in lost content–and lots of frustration.

FLIR, a Box customer, knows all too well about the pains of using multiple solutions–before they switched to Box, their global workforce used a combination of FTP, hard drives, email attachments and DVDs to manage content. The result: Chaos instead of collaboration. The systems didn’t speak to each other, and each one had its own issues and limitations, driving productivity down and costs up.

Download the report "Sharing Simplified" to learn how how FLIR increased productivity, cost-savings and employee happiness by consolidating competing content management systems with Box.