Customer Spotlight: Timeraiser Uses Box and Google Apps to Rally Volunteers

We're constantly chatting with our customers to get a better sense of how they use to manage, collaborate and share content, and because we've designed a flexible platform that can suit the varying needs of companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, we run into a ton of interesting use cases. We think our customers' stories are pretty interesting examples of broader workplace trends and innovative approaches to IT, so we've decided to begin sharing some of them here in an ongoing "Customer Spotlight" series.

First up: Timeraiser, a volunteer engagement program run by Canada's Framework Foundation. Timeraiser connects volunteers with hundreds of charitable organizations by hosting events - called "Timeraisers" - that are part volunteer fair, part silent art auction, and part night on the town. And here's where Timeraiser gets creative: instead of having participants bid money on showcased artwork, they bid volunteer time to non-profits that need their skills and energy. Since 2004, Timeraiser has generated 51,000 volunteer hours for more than 250 non-profit organizations, and also raised more than $330,000 for emerging artists. Pretty impressive.

Where does come into the picture? Timeraiser operates with the mantra: "Create information once, distribute it widely, access it anywhere." makes it easy for Timeraiser to share and collaborate among its own distributed workforce, as well as its many contractors, hundreds of non-profits, and participating artists. Timeraiser stores all its content on Box - ranging from documents and spreadsheets to videos and creative files - and also makes use of Box widgets, which enable users to upload information (such as submissions) directly to its Box account.

We're seeing a growing number of innovative small businesses turn to the cloud to increase productivity and save time and money, and Timeraiser is a perfect example. In addition to Box, the organization uses a range of complementary cloud services - Google Apps, Salesforce, EchoSign - that are all integrated through the OpenBox platform. With respect to Google Apps, Amanda Grainger, Civic Footprint Online Organizer at Framework Foundation, says, " and Google Apps together allow us to leverage Google Docs for working files, like ongoing expense forms, while taking advantage of Box's enhanced features including unlimited storage, website embed tools, and advanced user permissions."

All in all, Timeraiser estimates they save more than 300 hours per year thanks to integrated cloud services, which means that Timeraiser employees have more time and energy to put towards their core mission. We're happy to play a role in that.

And as a bonus, check out the great video they made about their use of Box!

Post by Ashley Mayer, Community Manager