Why I'm Excited about Developer Day at BoxWorks

I joined Box more than three years ago, which is fantastic not only because it gives me the privilege of waxing nostalgic to new hires about the good old days, but also because I've been lucky enough to watch the company grow at an astounding rate. Just about everything has changed since I started – we’ve moved offices twice (we now have a parking garage, which is a pretty big deal to those of us who used to move our cars every two hours to avoid parking tickets) and built a whole suite of mobile apps on platforms that didn’t even exist in the summer of 2009.

For me, the most exciting change (for obvious reasons) has been the growth of our platform. A couple of fun stats for the sake of illustration: from the time that I joined to today, the number of developers on our platform has gone from fewer than 2,000 to more than 15,000, and the number of applications that integrate with Box has gone from a couple dozen to more than 250. I'm excited about Developer Day because it's an extremely tangible reflection of that growth.

That growth hasn't just been in numbers - we've also worked hard to make our platform more powerful, and we've reflected that in our sessions at Developer Day by having our own experts teach about features like Instant Mode and Event Notifications. We also wanted our sessions to reflect the other principle we hold dear on the platform team - the importance of working with the greater tech community to help evangelize best practices in software development and promote the tools that make developers' lives easier. That's why we've brought in folks like Des Traynor, COO of Intercom, and Matt Wilkinson, CTO of Crushpath, to provide lessons in development and design based on their own experience.

I'm also incredibly excited about the partners that will be joining us, because they represent the growth of not just an industry, but the entire idea of APIs and other third party development platforms. Just this week, AT&T announced that Twilio will be powering their Advanced Communications Suite - that partnership shows how far Silicon Valley startups have come in the eyes of industry giants and validates that APIs can be robust and reliable enough to be trusted as crucial pieces of infrastructure.

The greatest thing about my job is that it sits on the forefront of a rapidly developing area of technology – one that I believe will have enormous effects on the way the next generation of businesses operate. Like everyone else in the space, we're learning quickly, and the prospect of sharing the lessons that we've picked up along the way is an exciting one.

To me, that's what Developer Day is about – bringing together a lot of innovative, forward-thinking people and sharing knowledge, so everyone walks out having learned valuable lessons. Join us and register today.