You Know You Are a 'Valley' Girl When...

... you think something is extra-cool just because Lifehacker does. I guess living and working in Silicon Valley for two years will do that to a girl.

Anyway, I saw some chatter about this Monday on a few blogs, but I didn't think all that much about it until yesterday - when Lifehacker brought it right back to my (along with the rest of the worlds') attention. Hey, if they are going to write about it, I am too!

Here's the scoop - FEBE's (Firefox Extension Backup Extension) latest update has 'added support for automatically uploading your extension backups to file-sharing web site' I asked Jeremy (our Platform Manager) very nicely to please translate this into Kendra-terms for me - and this is what I got (after he pointed me to

You can customize Firefox by adding third party extensions. (From their site: Add-ons extend Firefox, letting you personalize your browsing experience) Then, users who work from different computers can have those extensions backed up and transferable from one computer to another.

Translation for users: this means that you are able to backup your Firefox extensions and other Firefox data, such as your bookmarks and cookies to your Box account.

Which is awesome. Just ask Lifehacker.


You can add the Firefox extension be visiting: