BoxWorks 2017

The Blueprint for the Future of Work

Sessions & Tracks

CxOs and Executive Leaders

CxOs and Executive Leaders

Fuel your transformation efforts with fresh insights on the changing nature of technology, operating models & UX

  • Learn how Box can drive business results
  • See how Box's product vision aligns with your business goals
  • Network with other C-level attendees to share challenges and case studies
Developers & Architects

Developers & Architects

Discover new tools and resources to develop best-in-class digital experiences for employees and customers

  • Learn new programming skills and languages
  • Research new tools and solutions
  • Understand how the Box Platform and Box API can support your business
  • Connect with other Engineers and Developers for shared learnings
IT Professionals

IT Professionals

Modernize your approach to content management and leverage the power of the cloud

  • Evaluate the Box product roadmap
  • Learn about current and new Box features
  • Meet with current Box customers for shared learnings
  • Connect with Box team members for deep-dive learning
  • Talk with Box Partners to understand Box ecosystem

Box Admins and Co-Admins

Box Admins and Co-Admins

Discover immediate ways to increase efficiency, productivity and collaboration with rich, intelligent business processes

  • Learn more about Box and how the products can support your business goals
  • Connect with Box customers and hear case studies
  • Immerse yourself in the Box culture
  • Seek out networking opportunities to support career advancement goals