Sessions, Content and Who Should Attend

Who should attend BoxWorks 2017?

Content Designed to Help You Build Your Blueprint

You are a CxO

  • Learn how Box can drive business results
  • Identify alignment between their business goals and Box’s product vision
  • Network with other C-level attendees to share challenges and case studies

You are an IT Decision Maker

  • Evaluate Box product roadmap
  • Learn about current and new Box features
  • Meet with current Box customers for shared learnings
  • Connect with Box team members for deep-dive learning
  • Talk with Box Partners to understand Box ecosystem

Sessions Include:
  • Why & Where Customers Use Box as the content layer for Office 365
  • Managing cultural change when moving to the cloud
  • Make the most of your legacy investments / ECM
  • Why information governance is the best investment your company can make this year

You are a Line of Business Leader

  • Learn more about Box and how products can support their roles
  • Connect with Box customers and hear case studies
  • Immerse themselves in Box culture
  • Seek out networking opportunities to support career advancement goals

Sessions include:
  • Going Paperless - From Vision to Reality
  • Can't We All Just Get Along - Integrating Box With Other Tools
  • 5 Things You're Not Doing With Box But Should Be
  • Workflows for Everyone

You are a Solutions Architect, Engineer or Developer

  • Learning new programming skills or languages
  • Researching new tools and solutions
  • Understand how the Box Platform and Box API can support your business
  • Connect with other Engineers and Developers for shared learnings

Sessions Include:
  • Leveraging Intelligent Content Management: Using AI with the Box Platform
  • Building Apps on Box Platform with No Coding
  • 5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with the Box API
  • Your First Box API Call