BoxWorks 2017

The Blueprint for the Future of Work

BoxWorks for Box Admins and Co-Admins

At Box, we believe that every company needs to work like a digital-first company, empowering their people, processes and products while getting the most out of their investments. At BoxWorks, we bring together thought leaders, partners and customers to create the blueprint for the future of work and provide concrete answers on your journey to digital transformation.

BoxWorks for Practitioners

For Box Admins and Co-Admins, BoxWorks offers:

  • Access to the growing and thriving Box Admin Community
  • Tools and use cases showing how you can leverage Box to bring more value in your organization
  • Demos of the latest Box solutions (e.g. –Box Drive, Box Relay)
  • Insight into Box’s ecosystem with partners like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Salesforce, Adobe, and DocuSign

Sessions include:

If You Build It, Will They Come?
You've built out a folder structure, migrated content, and provisioned user accounts. Now how do you get your users to actually adopt Box? In this session, we'll hear from Box customers large and small who've managed to deploy across their organizations -- come learn their secrets, hacks, and tips for success.

Going Paperless: From Vision to Reality
Embarking on the journey to a digital, paperless office? In this session, you'll hear from the Box experts and from fellow customers who've started (and completed!) the transformation. Learn pitfalls to avoid, key integrations to employ, and more!

5 Things You're Not Doing with Box, but Should Be
Ever wonder if there's more that you could be doing with Box? Hear from other Box customers of all sizes and a range of industries about the creative ways they're using Box to remove roadblocks to productivity, automate mundane tasks, and empower workers.

Reduce your Costs with Box
Why modernize? In this session, fellow Box customers share their journey as they reduced capital expenditures and operating expenses by retiring file servers, replacing network shares, and increasing productivity.

Can't We All Just Get Along? Integrating Box with Other Tools
Does your organization use Box alongside Office 365, Slack, Google, Salesforce, and other productivity tools? In this session, learn tips from successful customers of all sizes about how they integrate Box with a range of other cloud-based applications.

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