Box Certified Professional Program

Take charge of your digital transformation

The future of work is here. Getting Box certified will help you advance your career by empowering you to lead your company's digital transformation and stand out in your organization as a Cloud Content Management thought leader.


This highly interactive, hands-on training program is designed to ensure that BCPs are equipped to build the most collaborative, user-centric installations of Box while incorporating critical integrations and maximizing Box security offerings. Moving beyond current Box Education courses, BCP is aimed at empowering Box Admins and power users to unleash the true potential of Box to transform the way your team works together.


Registration for BCP at BoxWorks is currently closed. If you're interested in learning more about future opportunities to get Box certified, please submit this form.


  • Stand out and advance your career as you lead your company's digital transformation
  • Establish yourself as a Cloud Content Management thought leader
  • Get early insights into Box products and access to early product beta launches
  • Access to the BCP community and use of the official BCP logo



  • A day of hands-on training at BoxWorks
  • 4 live virtual trainings (pre-BoxWorks)
  • Online certification exam (post-BoxWorks)


August 13 Live Virtual Session
Business Process Overview
August 16 Live Virtual Session
Admin Best Practices
August 20 Live Virtual Session
Critical Integrations
August 23 Live Virtual Session
User-Centric Design and Change Management
August 28 BoxWorks In-person Interactive Session
Bringing It All Together: Putting Theory into Practice 9AM-5PM