BoxWorks 2017

The Blueprint for the Future of Work

BoxWorks for Executives

At Box, we believe that every company needs to work like a digital-first company, empowering their people, processes and products while getting the most out of their investments. At BoxWorks, we bring together thought leaders, partners and customers to create the blueprint for the future of work and provide concrete answers on your journey to digital transformation.

BoxWorks for Executives

For members of the C-Suite, BoxWorks offers:

  • The opportunity to learn from most advanced digital companies (and transforming companies)
  • Exploration of the journey from collaboration to full digital transformation (content maturity model)
  • Insights into the business value of a well defined content management strategy
  • Guidance on modernizing your IT infrastructure and processes with the best, most secure and cost efficient solutions

Sessions include:

Technology for the Modern Workforce
Redefining the skills and tools of the new digital landscapes every company tries to reinvent itself as a digital-first company, they realize it is not just about rewriting the software - it is about rewriting the way the entire company operates. In order to adapt to evolving workforce expectations, the digital economy requires us to create new rules and tools and design smart and efficient workplaces. To support this new mandate, the roles of CIO’s and CDO’s are evolving in a variety of ways.

Building the Best Ecosystem with Digital Partnerships
To move fast, forward-thinking leaders focus on their core capabilities and leverage the best of third party platforms for everything else. But rather than treat them like the siloed and separate partnerships of old, they understand the value of developing these relationships to make the most their role in new digital ecosystems. In doing this, they’re designing future value chains that will transform their businesses, products and even the market itself. In this panel session, we will discuss how to bridge partners, customers and vendors to re-imagine engagement models.

How AI is Changing the Workplace, Now
Moore’s Law taught an entire generation about how fast the technology around us changes. And as artificial intelligence seamlessly integrates new technology with our workforce, the rate of change will only increase. How do businesses keep up, harness the power of data and create customer experiences that were once impossible? This panel looks at practical implementations of AI and how it can transform the workplace today, from automated processes to better use of our data.

How Disruptors Reinvent the Customer Experience
Hear from companies that have completely disrupted their industries with fresh new product experiences for their customers. Leaders and decision makers who have 'been there and done that', share their stories of scaling design innovation from inception to market by focusing on their people, the organization and the skills required to succeed.

Getting More Value from Your Technology Partners
The cloud has fundamentally changed the relationship between vendor and customer. The better the two understand each other's needs and offerings, the better they can help each other succeed. At this session, we bring together Customer Success Execs from three of our SaaS partners, to learn how organizations can make the most of this new partnership.

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