BoxWorks 2017

The Blueprint for the Future of Work

BoxWorks for Senior IT Leaders

At Box, we believe that every company needs to work like a digital-first company, empowering their people, processes and products while getting the most out of their investments. At BoxWorks, we bring together thought leaders, partners and customers to create the blueprint for the future of work and provide concrete answers on your journey to digital transformation.

BoxWorks for Decision Makers

For Senior IT Leaders, BoxWorks offers:

  • A better understanding of why Content Management is a key strategic IT investment
  • Exploration of best practices to modernize IT infrastructure
  • Learnings on delivering exceptional experiences for end users to ensure adoption, use and advocacy
  • Gaining greater control over system fragmentation with an open platform
  • Tips on how to identify areas for cost savings and maximizing ROI

Sessions include:

Beyond Network Shares: Greater Productivity, Collaboration and Security with Box
The way teams work has changed. Technology has changed. Security needs have changed. Your network shares have stayed exactly the same. Maybe it’s time you made a change. Join us to learn why businesses like yours are starting to replace their legacy tech with Box, helping teams be more productive and more collaborative, while reducing both costs and hassles. Learn how you can get started – and all the ways Box can help smooth the transition, from migrating your data to migrating your users.

How to Build a Content Management Strategy for Today's Needs
External forces are shaping the ECM landscape. Mobile-first workforces, external access to managed content, and the drive to initiate smarter processes are shaping how businesses buy, architect and deploy their content management programs. Hear from innovative Box customers and ECM experts to learn how to keep your content management strategies relevant and aligned to core business objectives so you can get more value from your content investment.

Encryption and Government Data Requests in Today’s Regulatory Environment
How do you control your data in the cloud in today’s fluid policy environment? Does a third party really have access to your content? Join a panel of experts - including Todd M. Hinnen, privacy and data security partner at Perkins Coie, and former Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice - who will discuss useful strategies and tools for allowing customers to maintain maximum control of their data in the cloud.

Maximizing GDPR and Global Data Protection Compliance
May 25, 2018 will bring ”the most important change in data privacy in 20 years” and regardless of where you are located, your organization has until this date to ensure that it’s ready when GDPR comes into effect. Learn what GDPR compliance means, which milestones are necessary and how to meet new data protection bars to maximize your investment in compliance. Prof. Dr. Georg Borges, the Chair of Civil Law, Legal Information and International Business Law at the University of Saarland in Germany will participate.

Information Governance -- The Best Investment your Company will Make this Year
All you hear these days is cloud first, mobile first, the consumerization of IT and digital transformation. These developments are in fact, making it harder than ever to maintain good IP governance. 4B (that’s B for billion) documents were leaked in 2016 and nearly half of companies agree their lack of governance puts them at risk. Learn how to be a value driver for your business by setting the right guardrails to reduce risk, manage content, and empower users to get work done.

Building a Business Case for Box
How does a cloud investment build value for your organization? It is easy to describe with broad generalities but can be difficult to quantify specifically. In this session we will share the techniques and approaches that Box Value Engineering uses to understand, measure and ultimately optimize Box deployments. It is great for business cases, and even better as a strategic tool to get the most from your Box investment.

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