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Online Workspace

All the files for your project can live in one secure place online so your team always has access to the latest version.

  • Capture all project content in one easy-to-manage, shared online workspace. It's the perfect way to ensure that remote offices workers and telecommuters can access files and stay in the loop.
  • Make sure everyone views only the latest version by locking files when someone's editing.
  • Work together with BoxNotes and have multiple people co-author a project plan together.
Box Business Solutions For Online Project Collaboration

Easy Intuitive Organization

Make it easy for your team by arranging all your project files within a simple folder-based system.

  • Organize content in a familiar folder/sub-folder structure. With this structure you can ensure everyone's on the same page.
  • Control who has access to which folders and files with access permissions.
  • Automatically keep multiple folders from your Box account in sync with a folder on your desktop. Your whole team can do the same, so edits and updates appear on everyone's desktop.
Organize Folder & Sub-folder Structure Online with Box Feature


Centralize Feedback and Approvals

With our flexible workflow tools, you can track versions, assign tasks, and solicit approvals.Your team has a central place to share, edit, discuss and approve content.

  • Share feedback on files by adding comments and discussing next steps.
  • Assign file-specific tasks to ask for updates, kickoff reviews or approvals.
  • Accelerate the project with email alerts when someone mentions a colleague, views, edits or adds content.
Give Feedback, Share & Discuss Content Online

Get Your Project Files From Anywhere

Get to your project files from any tablet, phone or computer.

  • Regardless of where you are, edit a file and automatically sync that information with your shared Box folder. Everyone on your team is immediately notified that the file has been edited.
  • Work offline. When you reconnect, all of your changes are automatically synced to Box and all collaborators on the file.
  • Edit, annotate or print a file with Box OneCloud. Learn More


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