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Warsaw office coming soon

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Our Warsaw office is an incredibly exciting addition to our EMEA expansion. We're already in London, France, and Germany, and the new Poland location will act as a global engineering and product development hub alongside our headquarters in Redwood City, California. We plan to grow our Warsaw office significantly by 2022 — and we're looking for amazing software engineers, product managers, and site reliability engineers (among many other roles) to join us.

Take the next step in your career

We know how important our people are to our success. Given the scale of our ambitions and the massive opportunity ahead of us, we need the most talented people to join our Poland team and drive the future of how people securely collaborate from anywhere, at any time. We're looking for incredible individuals to help us deliver unparalleled innovation and push the boundaries of what's possible. Interested? Check out our open roles and find the best fit for you.

Get to know our SVP of Engineering

When asked about our favorite part of working at Box, the answer is almost always “the people.” After all, we believe that work is most rewarding (and fun) when we’re surrounded by teammates who are amazing to be around and are equally great collaborators. So we're thrilled for you to meet our SVP of Engineering, Thierry Chassaing. He joined the Box family in 2019 and continuously inspires us to do our best work. Plus, he has an exciting vision for the new office.

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Blow our customers' minds


Customers are at the center of everything we do. We're here to know our customers inside and out and to deliver an experience they could never have imagined.

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Take risks. Fail fast. GSD.


The world is moving incredibly fast, and we can't let anything slow us down. That's why we take big bets, iterate constantly, and learn from our mistakes.

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10x it!


At Box, the bigger the better — especially when it comes to ideas. So go ahead, dream up something big. Then 10x it.

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Be an owner. It's your company.


Improving the business starts with you. We give you the resources you need to be wildly successful and make your epic ideas a reality.

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Bring your (____) self to work every day


We get our best work done when we act as our authentic selves. So come as you are — and bring your diverse perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds to the table.

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Be candid and assume good intent


The only way to perform at the highest level is by listening to each other. When we share candid feedback and make a conscious effort to get better, we grow as a business.

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Make mom proud


Winning in the market only happens if we work in an environment of safety and trust. It's on us to create a place where our voices are heard and we do right by one another.

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Tech stack
Tech stack

Operating a highly-available and scalable service with a great user experience requires the best tools for the job. Take a look at our FAQ below to learn about our tech stack.


From vacation time to parental leave to travel insurance, we've got you covered. Check out all the details about our benefits and other perks in the FAQ section below.


Know someone who'd be a good fit for our Poland team? We're always looking for referrals. Send an email to poland-r@box.com with the candidate's first and last name, job title, and CV.

Tech stack FAQ

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How does Box operate at scale?
How does Box ensure security and compliance?
How does Box support business continuity and fault tolerance?

Benefits FAQ

What is Box's time-off policy?
What is Box's parental leave policy for new parents?
What travel insurance does Box provide?
When are Poland Box employees eligible for benefits? Does Box offer any additional perks?