Disruption is here. Can your content management strategy keep up?

Nearly half of the S&P 500 will disappear over the next decade, according to Innosight. With disruption and fierce competition dominating virtually every industry, the pressure is on to ensure your business' growth and staying power. But content management that's just “good enough” won't cut it. Take a deep dive with companies in the midst of this transformation with research and interviews in this Harvard Business Review research paper. You'll discover why business leaders are rethinking their enterprise content management and document management systems — and are transforming their workflows to create tangible value and thriving organizations.

Uncover how these leaders use content-driven strategies and the right content management software to:


  • Mitigate security risks around mission-critical processes
  • Accelerate workflows across teams both inside and outside of the business
  • Improve engagement with customers and create lasting loyalty
  • Streamline internal operations and clear more time for business development