How sales gets pitch perfect

Sales teams spend a lot of time in transit. Whether they’re on a flight or train for their next pitch, they need the right tools to make last minute edits, tinker with proposals on their smartphones or send the latest product information to potential customers.


To stay productive, keep sensitive data secure, and eliminate the delays that can kill a deal, sales teams turn to Box for getting work done on the go. With Box, teams have what they need to keep the sales process moving forward while seamlessly turning prospects into customers.

1. Access all your Box files right from Salesforce

  • Vanessa, a sales executive, is getting ready to head to a customer meeting.
  • She reviews the prep materials inside Salesforce, including past meeting notes and the latest marketing 360 video.

2. Collaborate in real time

While enroute to her meeting, her colleague sends the latest customer presentation to her phone via Slack, which opens directly in Box.

3. Pitch from a mobile device

She gets to her customer meeting and launches “AwesomeMeeting.ppt” which she presents seamlessly from her tablet.

4. Streamline the sales process

  • Vanessa takes a picture of the whiteboards covered with notes from the meeting using the Box Capture mobile app. The app automatically uploads the images project folder without taking up storage space on her phone.
  • She shares the images instantly with the attendees, making sure each one is given the right level of access.

5. Close the deal with a single click

  • Vanessa drafts the contract and sends it to the customer for signature via DocuSign with a single click from Box.
  • The customer e-signs the contract and Vanessa gets the good news that the contract has been approved.

Connect with clients, create proposals and close deals on the go — all in less time. Box has thousands of app integrations that enable teams to transform sales productivity without compromising security.


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